What Should Considered During Implementation of all UVGI systems?

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  • UVGI lamp fixtures must be carefully installed >2.1 meter (Must have baffles or louvers if lower than that) to minimise exposure of UV-C to occupants in the room. The exposure to UV incident radiation on unprotected skin or eyes should be within the limits (8 hr exposure: 6 mJ/cm2 for 254 nm)
  • UV-C systems should not generate ozone gas (<0.05 ppm, 8 hr) JKKP Code of Practice 2010 for Indoor Air Quality for Air-Conditioned Buildings.
  • All organic material components within 1.5 m of the UV lamp should be shielded, as UV-C energy can be detrimental to organic materials (e.g. plants, certain filter media and insulation or gasket foams in ACMV systems, wood surfaces, and wallpapers).
  • Regular verification of the performance of the UV-C systems should be carried out after installation to ensure continued safety and efficacy.
  • Measurement should be taken in the lower room to estimate the UVGI exposure level of room occupants.
  • Measurement of Lamp at least 1.2m away. Average measures should be 30uW/m2 to 50uW/m2.

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